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Gitzo Introduces the New Monopod Range


Monopod in Action

We are proud to inform you about the official launch of our new Monopod range.

Gitzo monopods continue to set the standard for professionals and advanced amateurs. The ideal monopod needs to be rigid, lightweight, extremely fast to open and close, fast and precise in height adjustments for rapid changes in shooting position. Thanks to Carbon eXact and G-lock Ultra, the new Gitzo monopods have all these features.

Gitzo Monopod

Rigid and lightweight – Carbon eXact tubes

Carbon eXact tubes optimise fibre composition for each tube size, to make the narrower tubes stiffer, and the wider tubes lighter compared to the predecessors’ Carbon 6X tubes. Series 4 (top leg diameter 37.0mm) models replace the previous Series 5 models; the slimmer top tube contributes to easier gripping and lighter weight, while ensuring rigidity from the stiff Carbon eXact tubes.

Improved ergonomics – new leg locks

G-lock Ultra has even more comfortable operation and reduced risk of dust entering the locking mechanism.

Smooth movement, solid footing - new big foot

The new big foot (diameter 50mm) realizes solid footing on any surface, while providing smooth movement with its integrated ball. This big foot can be removed and replaced by optional feet and spikes. This big foot is also available as an accessory (GSF50M).

Product range and specifications

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