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Gitzo Presents New Traveler Tripods Range


Gitzo, pioneer in developing some of the most advanced and revolutionary technologies for camera accessories and supports is proud to introduce the new Traveler Tripod range. Boasting the 180° leg folding mechanism pioneered by Gitzo, the range is now even stronger thanks to the state of the art “Carbon eXact” tubes.
The perfect travelling companion for photographers when shooting whilst on trips, the new Traveler range features the slimmest Series 0 for the first time, whilst the Series 1 and 2 models feature an improved height.


The new Traveler Tripods boast the ground breaking Carbon eXact tubes: stiffer than the antecedents’ Carbon 6X tubes, the new tubes include High Modulus carbon fibre, and have larger tube diameters. For example, the lowest leg section of the Series 1, 5-section tripod has a diameter of 40% larger than the predecessor


Traveler G-lock is the new, compact leg lock system dedicated to Traveler Tripods. The new, curved external form provides good grip, whilst the internal O-ring achieves softer operation and reduces dust and grit entering the locks. The more efficient use of space makes it possible to have taller tripods with compact folded lengths.



Series 0 – Models GT0545T / GK0545T-82TQD (with head):

Added to the Traveler family for the first time the slimmest Series 0 is the lightest tripod in the new Traveler range, but thanks to the stiff Carbon eXact tubes it provides a rigid, stable base when in use. It is a 4-section tripod with short closed length and short extended height.

Traveler Tripod Series 0 Carbon 4 sections
•             GT0545T

Traveler Kit, Ser.0 4 sec tripod GT0545T + head
•             GK0545T-82TQD


Series 1 – Models GT1555T / GK1555T-82TQD (with head) and GT1545T / GK1545T-82TQD (with head):

The Series 1 tripods are the perfect balance between lightweight when carrying, and height and rigidity when shooting. The 5 section Traveler has an outstanding height / closed length ratio, while the 4 section Traveler is much taller than its predecessor thanks to the space efficient Traveler G-lock.

Traveler Tripod Series 1 Carbon 5 sections
•             GT1555T

Traveler Kit, Ser.1 5 sec tripod GT1555T + head GH1382TQD
•             GK1555T-82TQD (with head)

Traveler Tripod Series 1 Carbon 4 sections
•             GT1545T

Traveler Kit, Ser.1 4 sec tripod GT1545T + head GH1382TQD
•             GK1545T-82TQD (with head)


Series 2 – Models GT2545T / GK2545T-82QD (with head):

With the largest tube diameters among Traveler tripods, Series 2 is ideal for photographers using longer lenses or requiring the highest stability. The feet are interchangeable with Gitzo’s optional feet, such as spikes and large feet.

Traveler Tripod Series 2 Carbon 4 sections
•             GT2545T

Traveler Kit, Ser.2 4 sec tripod GT2545T + head GH1382QD
•             GK2545T-82QD (with head)

Series 2 Monopod – GM2562T:

The Series 2 Monopod now features the Carbon eXact Tubes, the Traveler G-Lock and a new, more stable foot.

Monopod Series 2 Carbon 6 sections Traveler
•             GM2562T

Available from 10th August in selcted stockists.
Prices start from £239.95
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