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New Gitzo Centre Ball Heads


Adding to the range of Gitzo Centre Ball Heads, the Gitzo Series 3 Ball Head is ideal for the Series 2 and above tripods.  Coated in tungsten disulphide – one of the smoothest materials around – it is the ideal complement to Gitzo’s top of the range tripods.

With a slim, curved form, the Series 3 Head features an extremely efficient locking mechanism where the use of hard metal components provide comfortable friction onto the ball, meaning it can be locked with minimal effort and avoids unwanted deforming or drifting. The Series 3 Head has an independent pan lock making it possible to take panoramic photos or make horizontal adjustments for perfect framing, and also friction control which functions independently allowing the ball lock to have a quick locking without sacrificing movement and safety.

Extremely well balanced and versatile, the Series 3 Ball Head focuses on ultimate smoothness and precision. With a larger ball and quick release adaptor, it weighs just 0.77kg but can take a maximum payload of 18kg.

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