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Gitzo’s tripod range is designed to provide specific solutions and features for a variety of equally specific requirements and applications, but every tripod we make shares a common goal: to satisfy Gitzo photographers’ expectations of uncompromising performance. As a result, we have decided to focus solely on carbon tripods, which provide the highest levels of rigidity and the lowest weight. With the introduction of our new, stiffer Carbon eXact tube to the latest incarnation of our Mountaineer tripod family, Gitzo’s carbon tripods have evolved to an even higher level.

mountaineer tripods

Mountaineer is our ‘all-purpose’ carbon tripod family, both extremely rigid and light in weight. Understandably, Mountaineers are the most popular...

traveler tripods

Traveler tripods are designed for globe-trotting photographers who require the ultimate lightweight, extremely compact tripod with professional performance...

systematic tripods

Systematic is Gitzo’s top of the range tripod family, the choice of exacting professional photographers who use long lenses and heavy cameras. Not only...

ocean tripods

Ocean tripods are designed and built for professional performance and resistance against seawater, humidity and other aggressive natural environments,...

leveling tripods

Leveling tripods are for photographers who need fast set up and leveling accuracy, especially on uneven ground. Inside the Leveling tripod’s upper casting...

explorer tripods

The Explorer is another of our tripods for special applications; a versatile support to explore new shooting perspectives. Thanks to its unconventional...

safari tripods

Safari is Gitzo's new range of tripods and heads specifically dedicated to birdwatchers and outdoor photographers. A premium selection of tripods and heads...